Improving people's life quality is our purpose, which is why we put them at the center of our strategy, including collaborators, customers, suppliers and society. We have a history marked by transformation and development, which is why we promote and support innovation, aiming to become a more agile and flexible organization every day.

We have spent 60 years developing an omnichannel ecosystem where shopping centers coexist; physical stores; electronic commerce; market; banking business; digital wallet and insurance. All of the above, framed in a logistics proposal and a loyalty program that allow us to create long-term relationships with our customers.

We are pioneers in the development of memorable experiences in retail. We ventured into launching a marketplace when only a few believed in the model, and we were the first to put QR self-service and payment systems in a physical store. We are taking advantage of technology to continue growing, permanently adapting to new trends and contexts, always putting people at the center.

Ripley consolidated
Ripley consolidated






puntos GO Our e-commerce platform includes everything from our department store plus Mercado Ripley, our marketplace, which allows thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs to display and market their products through the website. Today, we have more than 4,700 sellers and nearly 3.0 million SKUs. The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) reached $USD 947 million during the last twelve months.

Logistics: We have total surface area of 174,300 m2 of distribution centers across Chile and Peru. Additionally, we have an extensive logistics network that allows us to fulfill our stores and reach our customers' homes. During the last twelve months we have managed to deliver +7.2 million orders, achieving a 61% of orders delivery in less than 48 hours, thanks to the joint operation of our extensive network of physical stores and our distribution centers.

Physical stores: We have 76 stores, 45 in Chile and 31 in Peru, located in strategic locations in the most important cities of both countries, totaling a sales area of ​​489,428 m2. Additionally, 75% of our stores are implemented with the “Ship from store” modality, operating as mini distribution centers leveraging our logistics infrastructure on our physical store’s networks, which allows us to reduce costs and lead times.

Shopping Centers: he company has 14 shopping centers in strategic locations with with a total of 404,000 m2 of leasable area (GLA), 11 in Chile through investments in associates with Inmobiliaria Viña del Mar (50%) and Nuevos Desarrollos (22.5%), plus 3 fully owned shopping centers through the subsidiary Mall Aventura S.A. Additionally, we have 2 shopping centers under construction, one in Iquitos and the second one, in San Juan de Lurigancho, a district in Lima, both projects will add 104,000 m2 of GLA.

Bank: Banco Ripley is mainly focus on the consumer segment in both, Chile and Peru, with an offer that includes credit and cards, current accounts, time deposits, insurance, consumer loans, among other products. Banco Ripley has more than 1.3 million clients and a gross loan portfolio that reaches $USD 1,257 million. Our digital platforms are today the main channel of interaction with our customers, where more than 84% of all customers are served through our digital channels.

Chek: Our digital wallet works through a mobile application and allows the user to pay and collect through QR codes, both between people and in purchases in more than 116,000 associated businesses, in Ripley stores and Additionally, we have a Mastercard Chek digital card, allowing users to pay at any store, physically or online. Chek already has a +1.3 million users’ base.

Ripley Puntos Go: Our loyalty program aims to build a long-term relationship with our customers, but specially with those who add the greatest value for Ripley, with a differentiated value proposition and pull of specific benefits obtained by accumulating points. The Ripley Puntos Go program in Chile and Peru has more than 6.4 million associated customers, with the digital channel being the main point of interaction with our customers.

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